How to do it.. /MWP

Greening the Sahara desert and surrounding area.

Water for crops and fresh fish

to 2 billion people before 2030

Water capacity/Resource/MWP


Today run more than 2000 m3 freshwater in the second out to the North sea form hydro-power plant in Norway.

The country have in many generations make big water reservoir in the mountains, so it was able to get a study supply of water, and spectacular in the winter times, where the river else get frozen.

The pipeline


A dip drilled line 200 meter below the surface will bee able to been self financed, at the first 2000 km. of water-pipe – because of raise on effective bye the hydro-power stations. The rest of the 7 - 8000 km do we need to find a solutions fore. If we end up with a solutions to get payee 2 USD pr. cubic-meter of freshwater, will it take around 5 generations to get payee back. Her do the World bank come in considerations.

Motivations factor


Of course the main reason will be save a lot of life, and deliver people reasonable living conditions – But we stay over for a gigantic climate challenge, and one of them are risk at wee over time have the world populations make impact at the gulf-stream, scientific research do show lowering of the salt content in the northern part of the stream, and they have make it clear the risk-factor of this naturally global water-pump will de threaded by thinning out the sea with freshwater – and it one of the reasons to reorganise some of the logistical outlet, and I Norway will this be a pretty easy task.

Longtherm goal


If the world populations due raise with 20 – 30% in the next 3 generations, must we take some actions in advance, to prevent catastrophic outcome of the humans existence on the globe Earth, in the further.

World development


All water output stations before Egypt do need to pump up the water from the mainline, but at this way will Egypt and Arabian be the naturally farming land in the further, for supporting with food of vegetables and fresh fish to the northern Africa, and vest Asia. Today have Spain, Morocco great problem to provide enough water to the food production, an this arrayer will in near further also be categorise like at desert array if, we do not make some new thinking.

Free energy


To move lot amount of water do we usually use power/pumps – but in this situations do we get help from the Earth it self, it rotate with over 1200 km per hour near equator, and generate a vortex/rotations energy by its naturally movement. As long the water intake will be in the front of it exit, will the Earth self help to make a vacuum trough this water pipeline.

The task force fore this year


Will bee to collect a suitably group of voluntary entrepreneur to work out this project, all will be both appreciate, and honored with some form of reward, when the Water for Life project will be up and running. All directly cost must we I the organisations take care at from now, and to the finish line.

You cane make a difference


To finance first step/millstone do we schedule to make a public cloud founding later this year – and her have we predicted the need of minimum 4 million USD.

We will make it possibly to the world population to by giftcertificate at a valuer of 20, 50 and 100 USD, so they will have them in hand before Christmas this year. Their is now working I progress to make this diploma/certificate, more will be showing in the beginning of December this year.

Their is now working I progress to make this diploma/ certificate, more will be showing in the beginning of December this year.



Inn the near further do we have meetings with important role player in this scheduled project – and before the end of this year have we collected the inner group of entrepreneur.


The estimated time-frame before physical investment and global recognize movement will be 2 years from now, that will say in the beginning of 2019, before you see lot of geoactivity. And early predictable react of gold, whit the first drop of Arctic water to the arrayer of Sahara religion will be in the year 2025

Co partner


Need partnership with; Norwegian government, and Norwegian export champers, together with Statskraft. Saudi Arabian environmental group, and the United Nations together with the World bank.

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UN - Water for life


We need now to build a suitably team - here do we request yours help.

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