Greening the Sahara desert and surrounding area.

Water for crops and fresh fish

to 2 billion people before 2030



Our intentions to rich this ambitious gold is to corporate with other NGO institutions, in close relationship with UN and the World Bank, and implicated country government – and your!!!


This project will bee a public ownership – hopefully maintain by UN, as soon we went out of the preface of the development stage.

The plan the organisation “Water For Life” work with today, include delivery of near 500 million cubic-meter fresh water delivered to the northern Africa each year in the further.


The water will be/scheduled to produce crops and fish in large scale Aquapond systems.


The secondary product will of cause be drinking water, from the farm-systems condenser array.


The northern part of Africa have in generations suffer from lack of stable supply of freshwater, and in the last decade, have the situations just becoming worse. This have resulted in lot of refugees, and unstable in this part of the world.

WHO have mentions in theirs rapport it is a human right to get access to freshwater, but no gigantic plan will be initialised, if the long therm economic not will get in balance.

Ho is the visionary, behind this upcoming great project...


My name is Henning Madsen, born in 1965, married, family father, worked with environment friendly development since 1987, in aquaculture, hydroponic, renewable energy, water cleaning, farming technology, and human disease control.


Have In the time make own patent, and been the backbone/promoter to many new exciting patent, build around the globe.


By educations, have I over the last 30 year continuously, make it possible to building on exiting knowledge, in the beginning it was agronomy, later with programming, technical constructor, engineering, management, teacher and lately like a supervisor for upcoming MBA candidate in economy & management.


Most of my time have I hat the holistic life and work perspective in my actions, without focusing at financial personal growing. Now I have it wonderful, surrounded with lovely dogs and a great nature for hiking and fishing.


Look forward to make the great change for a big populations, and deliver hope for the further of my children and you.

We request yours help...


We need now to build a suitably team to make the preparations work to internaliser this project – and here do we request yours help. So we look for individual person, and university, organisations and firms their see the advance to make a difference for great deal of the world population.


We “Water For Life” is formed like a organisations, register in the Norwegian Register “The Broennoeysund Register Center” with non-profit goals, but of course extensional cost must be covered at some way.


We will honer all dissipater in this project, by name/certificate and share in this peoples Water For Life project.


Co-funding for first stage is schedule to happen in the end of this year, by Kickstart their our goal will be to raise 4 million USD to work out the foundations for this project cane be a reality.


Pleas join us at contact schema, as more we work together – faster we will get the goal all together.

Newspaper their have writ about our Vision:



Television, with interview and ...



Reward program: earn 1.000 USD


You are able to get payee for your 10 – 15 minutes work, to spread the wonderfully words to giving some decent living conditions to 2 billiard people in the near further. Greening the desert will be a reality by the community, of all the people their sit around the world a front of theirs computer. You don't have to necessary to pay for this 10% of the worlds population better living habits, just at little-bit of you spare time cane make a great difference.


We will at Christmas draw out 3 winners, for receiving the certificate/diploma to be one of the persons give our children a hope about the further, we will send cash to the top 3 co-workers, to greening the Desert.


First price: 1.000 USD, and a fly-thicket to London the fore the great asambling the 6. of January 2017

Second Price 500 USD And a inventions, where we cover the hotel, at the great asambling the 6. of January 2017

Third price 100 USD, and you will get the opportunity to be a active speaker in the conference (by video, at the great asambling the 6. of January 2017)


All dissipated,will receive a Diploma, to show theirs humanity act, with a personal writing name, and a serial number, their will be wrote at the final project wall in the Desert of Sahara- in between will it be possible to find the listing here, so it is important to conditionality send your progress to us, so we is able to recognise your raising in points.


Point reward system are as following:

  • Television broadcast: 2000 points
  • National newspaper article: 1000 points
  • Radio broadcast: 500 points
  • Facebook sharing: 10 point, for each sharing friend ( So do you send it to 20 friends your must thing, take care, your will be credited with 200 points.)
  • Twitter sharing: 50 points
  • National Magazine article 400 points
  • Local magazines/newspaper 200 points.


When we after Christmas have the Winner, will a mail diploma limitably be send out, this must bee proved by a photo, the original will be send in the post, at your will be requested for a bank-account, for transferring of the great price.


The boarder to receive your prove, must be mail to PointReward@Water-for-life.org, administrated by Annelise Jensen, she will be responsibly to upgrade the boarder of rewards, and will make it on a daily basic. You is able to motivate the rest of the community, by tighten abut your wonderfully progress at our blog “Point reward – 1000 USD”


The prove your must make, is a simple screen capture, of your actions, and ad this in the mail, together with your name, and contact informations, at that way you join the contest to get 1000 USD in the end of this year.


Look forward to a great community actions, and look fore to the best human person to win, and the trip to London the 6. of January for our great asambling will be covered by the organisations, if we fulfil our goal.




The boarder of


Greening the desert of Sahara



Underneath will be some test, you will be able to copy and past to friends, at facebook, twitter, and radio stations, magazine and other media like locale television stations. Happy work, to save at lot of life. (Pleas edit the text, so your feel your comfortably with the content, before you send it out in the world. In your own language)



Sample text: (Work I progress)


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UN - Water for life


We need now to build a suitably team - here do we request yours help.

Pleas sing up in the contact form..

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