Greening the Sahara desert and surrounding area.

Water for crops and fresh fish

to 2 billion people before 2030

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Here do we request yours help.

So we look for individual person, and university, organisations and firms their see the advance to make a difference for great deal of the world population.


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Crops and fresh fish to people

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We need now to build a suitably team to make the preparations work to internaliser this project – and here do we request yours help.


So we look for individual person, and university, organisations and firms their see the advance to make a difference for great deal of the world population.





Q: Why do you think this type of project is not suggested before?

A: No single firm, or government have properly seen the perspective, and WHO & UN have yearly worked in a whole other directions.



Q: It seam like a crazy idea, is it in reality realistic?

A: Crazy idea it is, like in history some people want to fly, or when Julies Verne wrote his book's – But in reality this is just visions, and is a nice challenge for the right people. Realistic, Yes it all based at well known technology, and having been possible for years.



Q: What is the reason, to do it at this way.. Why do you not just take it to EU or some other great state government?

A: I do not think it will be healthy for the world population at we get another Superpower. Se in history when some control life important access to energy, it will end up with destabilisations. The control of water supply, where over 1 milliard of people will be dependable - do I just think will be able to maintain under a world organisation like the UN “United Nations” and financed trough the Worldbank. At that way private interest will be minimal, and will provide at great form of stability.



Q: Why do you going public with this Vision now?

A: Now when I have hat this knowledge for year, have I not seen any actions in the real great directions to solver the human suffering, a shortage to access drinking water and food. Sahara's desert, do just grow year for year, and now do also neighbour country in the region feel this negative effect.



Q: Today lot of refuge arrives, especially from the array of northern Africa, is this the background to this great idea?

A: Yes & no – but yes it have open my eyes to predict the outcome, if we not immediately take some serious action. Risk of great destabilisations in Europe, and the grow of populations from now and to 2050 is estimated to count near 10 milliard in population on the earth.



Q: How do you thinking of the progress, any idea?

A: Like a public project, is it necessary to make it like reverse engineering – and first to collect a lot of humanitarian voluntary worker, based at theirs skill and social network, to spread the word/vision, so it will be possibly to collect the right group of world decisions taker to sit down together – and here will I delivering the whole plan, so all understand the task we stay in front of.



Q: Hey, I wont to joint the movement, but have not money to spare – How cane I be help to fulfil this wonder full vision?

A: 10 – 15 minutes of your time will save thousand of life. If you translate the core of this vision to your language, and share it to all your friends and family, and request them to do the same.. Will you be one of the reason to save over 1 milliard people... Think about that.. Share it in all social media..



Q: Who is You, their could come with this crazy ideas, and wonderfully vision? – way do you do it? see it must cost a lot time and capital?

A: I are properly mostly a problems solving person, their have work with environment matters since 1987, formed own company for R&D, delivered a great hand of environmental solutions in the last 25 years, and now I’m not rich in money, but have it peacefully in my soul, and of course I do aspect to get covering the basic cost in the progress, and do I get some type of bonus when the project is up and running, will I just be happy, and sleep well.



Q: How do you think it possible to make 10.000 km of water-tunnel, and what will the time-frame be?

A: To day we have suitably drill equipment, to make tunnel in mountain, and Norway is at god example. The machinery used below the sea in Denmark, for connect the Islands together for around 20 years ago will be example of heavy digging equipment for this type of work. The time have now went in our favour, in 2008 their was a breakthrough in use of new technique to drill holes, with use of intensive energy beams to blast/melts 50 cm in trough solid material, and give multiple advance in situations of large scale drilling. Forecast to aim the goals of 10.000 km line, is use of 40 drilling installations, and the estimated time-frame is scheduled to take 5 years.



Q: Hey, I see you mentions blast/melts with the drilling equipment, how should I understand this?

A: A heavy laser make a thin (few millimetre, in 500 mm depth) fractal pattern in front of it, after will all the blocks be removed mechanical, and be deposited to the surface.



Q: Yea wright, but it demand a lot of energy, with such type of blasting cannon, how to solver this?

A: God question;-), here I wont to reference to military and space technology their for generation have had nuclear generator on board, some is able to deliver many MW. And the laser will only be used a few second each 5 minutes, so it is possible to recharge a battery of capacitor, to deliver the energy needed for the work.



Q: I wont to give some day of my upcoming holiday to join the workforce, what type of facility do you have access to?

A: Today we have access to around 250 cabin, with oven toilet and bath. And a secretary centre to keep 150 - 200 persons. An new cafeteria is just been build to serve near same amount of people. We work at the Norwegian government do cover the cost of accommodations, only extra cost will be the food in the new restaurant. NB! Look forward to cooperate with you. Yours sincerely, pleas make the arrangement with the secretariat before your arrival.



Q: When I Stay their what type of facility do you offer in the leisure time?

A: In winter do we have Northern light, swimming-hall, sports-hall, fitnescenter, snowmobile, cross country skiing and downhill facility.

In summer is it mountain hiking, fishing, clay target trajectory, swimming-hall, sports-hall, fitnescenter, stadium and midnight Sun. Small advent will be published weekly.



Q: How do I arrive Hattfjelldal, difficult to see from my trawling agency?

A: You shall going over Stockholm [Sweden] (Arlanda) airport, through Hemavan – from their do we pick your up, and only 1 hour up in the mountains, where we have our had quarter.. Have a nice trip – look forward to see in person, I stead of only our video meetings. NB. Alternative if you arrived in a small private jet, do we have our own Airfield, less than 500 hundrede meter from her here is the link for shoving the landing place. You must contact in advance the local flying control centre, to be suer the stripe is free from snow, and mentions time where the landing-light shout shout be tun on. Flay safely, we will send a car to pick you up, sincerely the water-for-life, head department.

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We need now to build a suitably team - here do we request yours help.

Pleas sing up in the contact form..

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